Saturday, June 2, 2007

painting update

Here are a few photos from work done last week. I have been working mostly on modelling this week, and now have completed a mortar company to go with my Tankovy Batalion. Also, 11 T-34 and 3 stuarts await priming and 3 stuarts wait to be green. 2 platoons of inf are finished and several platoons of tanks are green and ink washed.
I will take some more pictures and get an Up-to-date update posted tomorrow. The first two pics are of infantry with highlights (stage 4)- awaiting final higlight and base finishing to get them to "table-top std". The next pic is the KV with the W & N peat brown.magic wash and a drybrush of GW catacian green over the design masters "basil" spray paint. I am not too impressed with the outcome. I will keep experimenting to get a satisfactory highlight color, bur right now my focus is to get 'em all green before June 15.

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