Monday, April 16, 2007


I have few complaints about the Old Glory vehicle models. the 15mm models have good detail, and they assembled quickly and with little problem. There were really no major issues with the castings, just a few mold lines and some extra flash. One complaint I do have is that the barrels supplied for the KV tanks were the same size as the stuart barrels, and smaller than the BA-10 barrels. They were too short as well so I decided the "stock" barrels had to go. I made my own out of some wire and I think they look pretty good. I am awaiting the arrival of the tank commanders before deciding which and how many of the tanks will be buttoned/unbuttoned.

Heavy Metal

I have completed all of the vehicles that have arrived from I am (im)patiently awating the rest of my shipment, which is on back order...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

the first armor off the production lines...

The faithful workers of the tank plant strive to meet the needs of the people's army in order to repel the invaders of mother Russia...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the beginning

here is the list of old glory figures i ordered from warweb for my FOW russian ostfront tankovy batalon..the t-34s and some of the other stuff is still on backorder...
1 x 37mm AA guns (3/pkg) (CD-430)
1 x HMG (44-45) (CDRI-05)
1 x KV-1 (3 / pack) (CD-405)
1 x Russian Light anti-tank weapons (CDRI-11)
1 x Russian Tank Riders (CDRI-10)
1 x Command (44-45) (CDRI-01)
1 x Heavy Mortars (44-45) (CDRI-07)
1 x Riflemen (44-45) pack#1 (CDRI-02)
1 x BA6 and BA10 A/cars (CD-418)
6 x T34/76 (3 / pack) (CD-400)
3 x M3 A1 Stuart Lt tank (3/pkg) (CD-217A)
1 x SU-122 (3 / pack) (CD-403)
1 x Studebaker 2 1/2 ton open truck with open back (3/ (CD-434A)
1 x Russian Tommy Gunners (CDRI-09)

and more to come...