Monday, May 28, 2007

Update-painting continues

Here is
inf at stage 1, all base colors Stage 2, with peat brown ink and magic wash.

stage 2 detail
a comparison of washes- the top KV is a dark brown GW ink/water wash vs. the bottom with W&N peat brown ink and Magic wash. really no comparison....the magic wash rules.

I am working to get at least 1500-2000 pts painted into a "table-top-gaming std" paint level before mid june. 7 T34, 1 inf. coy, 6 stuarts, 3 su 122, 3 ba-10, 3 kv1, are assembled and in some stage of painting.
I may try and get a few more tanks or AA trucksor an 37 mm AA battery and maybe a Mortar company done as well, time permitting...

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